Café Princesa Janca grows on more than 110 hectares of land, besides that territory exclusively dedicated to coffee, ARKAPAL S.A. spans into approximately 1,200 hectares, called in its entirety, Arco Iris Estate. Our founder named coffee lots based on his experiences with previous owners and symbols that were related to aspects of his life with names like: Kalograma, Number Four, Heaven, Sea Gull, Maquinas, Agualdulce, Whaba, Gualaca, Ten Thousand, Machines, Modesto, Collazo, among others where coffee grows at different altitude levels.

Arco Iris Estate’s operations are completely sustainable, as a hydroelectric plant was built in 1950 to supply us with energy, the exceeding amounts produced are sold. Additionally, DONAGA S.A. is a milk production facility where for decades we have produced grade A milk to Estrella Azul, one of Panama’s most renowned companies.

Arco Iris Estate is a place where you can dream, wherever you look you will see the Barú Volcano, Panama’s highest point, blue mountains and rays of sunlight that filter between clouds and dense mist, along with rivers that make the ground fertile to grow the greenest and strongest plants full of red and green coffee cherries, which guarantees more than one harvest per year. If you are looking to have the most complete experience in Boquete, filled with history, culture, art and tradition, reserve a visit with us so that you can marvel on its scenery and enjoy a cup of our best coffee at Arco Iris Estate.


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