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Mireya Moscoso. Café Princesa Janca

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Our Founder was a man of many passions, one of them was serving his country, which led him to be elected President of the Republic of Panama three times, his other passion was coffee harvesting and “its scarlet cherries with golden grains.” This intense passion led him to pause his political career in 1951 and invest time and resources in bringing the most innovative coffee production and branding methods of his time to Boquete, as he believed in producing the best quality coffee. His determination led to the beginnings of Café Princesa Janca in Panama and its exports abroad.

Currently, Princesa Janca Coffee is led by his widow, Mireya Moscoso, first female President of the Republic of Panama. Café Princesa Janca has endured because of her determination and shared passion for coffee, which has allowed us to continue exporting to the most demanding markets globally, in countries such as: the United States, Israel, Taiwan, Japan, Corea, among others that have purchased our coffee beans.

Doña Mireya is the General Manager of ARKAPAL, S.A. and her hard work has been essential to reconstruct Arco Iris Estate to where it stands today.

In 1968 she and her husband were politically exiled for ten years in Mexico and then in Miami, Florida after the Coup organized by the Military to overthrow his last democratically elected government, during that period Arco Iris Estate was burnt and destroyed, after exile, our founder started reconstructing the Estate. After his death, she was responsible for reconstructing it in its entirety and reconnecting with our customers around the world to continue exports and producing the best quality coffee. The family business is still working hard to supply global market trends and with her leadership continues improving our quality every day.  

Additionally, the Estate always adopts new and dynamic ideas with the participation of her son, Ricardo Moscoso, 29 years old, who graduated from Bryant University with a BS in Marketing and a minor in Political Science and an MBA from the same institution focused on Supply Chain Management. He currently lives in New York working in sustainable development issues within the United Nations and stays connected with coffee production, sales and brand development for Café Princesa Janca.


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